March 21, 2014

Cropped Tops

Now that summer is around the corner who doesn't like to show a little skin {done the right way, of-course, I love the little style advice column over at by Love Frank, you can submit any query and hopefully yours will be published. This week the Q&A is all about the midriff madness and I thought this was a great little bit of advise from Love Frank. 

"Hi Frank,
I feel kind of silly asking about this, but is it ever okay to wear a crop top to work? Like, say, if you work in the fashion industry, and the crop top allows for barely a slice of stomach to peek out? Is that okay? Or is this just a no-go?
Midriff Madness
Dear Madness,
A week or two ago—on one of those days we New Yorkers were teased with a bit of spring sunshine and warmth (before the temperature plummeted again the very next day)—I was walking along Broadway and a slice of midriff caught my eye.
It was done right: The jeans were high-waist and the tee was very-'90s Calvin Klein—cropped, fitted, not too flimsy, a bit of stretch. The shoes were batteredDr. Marten's and the motorcycle jacket was black leather, probably Schott. I was surprised—someone is pulling off a look I generally find a bit too throw-back; a little too junior.
And then, well, then I looked up and realized it was a dude. A very petite dude rather than a very androgynous non-dude. He was doing it, and doing it so well that I present this as a lesson to all you ladies out there.
All that said, I'm assuming you're female. I'm also assuming that "like, say, if" actually means you do indeed work in the fashion industry (or something similarly liberal, those sorts of hip, young, downtown advertising agencies, publicity firms, marketing and branding companies, publishers, tech firms, or, of course, the music industry). And in those cases, I think it can be done. It just has to be done right.
Let's keep tasteful in mind, shall we?
Let's keep that sliver of midriff to an actual sliver. With a higher-waist pant or skirt that actually fits (you can't have the pants sliding down or cutting you off and creating, uh, folds); and a nice, fresh-looking tee. You can save the cleavage for tomorrow since, duh, you're wearing a crop top. I'd recommend a crewneck, mockneck, or boatneck tee; and not, like, an undershirt. It should be a shirt with some weight, designed to be an outer layer. And if it's white it should be on the newer end—an older white shirt always manages to look shabby, yellowed, and cheap after sometimes only a few washes and wears. Over all that, a well-tailored blazer for the office; a jean jacket or moto for evening.
It needs to be said: Not everyone should assume they can pull off this look. This is a look that is earned. And if the fit of the top and bottom isn't perfect, you're going to look like a slob in too-tight getup and not this totally fly chick who totally gets it."

Source {racked}

March 20, 2014

H&M Conscious Exclusive Spring 2014

H&M is on a roll, the Swedish retailer has will be coming out with an exclusive Conscious Collection available this April,  and its a showstopping Collection, so if you have a formal function or are just looking for an outstanding piece at an affordable price + want to purchase something made from substantial materials this this is the collation to wait for.

Source {fashiontelegraphuk}

White Leather Jacket {3 Ways}

Karolina Kurkova's white leather biker jacket is perfect for transitioning to spring/summer. I'd like to pull off all of these looks below. Worn with a skirt can dress up the look a little, with a pair of fitted chinos and oxfords softens the look a bit or the last look with black booties and a black scarf and all white. 

Try this one from R13

This bone coloured one from Topshop
This Perforated one from River Island
This one from Mango
Or this gorgeous one from IRO

Source {dailymailuk, fabsugar}

March 19, 2014

Low Ponytail {Romantic & Feminine}

A low ponytail is so wearable and just about anyone can pull this look off - if you have below shoulder length hair. At Nina Ricci's RTW Fall 2014 show, hair was ultra romantic and feminine in low ponytails gathered loosely at the nape of the neck with a black silky ribbon. 

How to get the look:

Guido Palau, Redken Creative Consultant, on the look and how to get it:
“The hairstyle at Nina Ricci was sleek and sophisticated, which is a wonderful way to bring in the New Year.”

1. Apply a small amount of Redken Outshine 01 Anti-­Frizz Polishing Milkto damp hair. For curlier and/or thicker hair, apply Redken Align 12 Protective Straightening Lotion to damp hair.
2. Add a drop of Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine on the ends and comb through.
3. Blow-­dry smooth.
4. Create a natural center part.
5. Gather the hair at the nape, making sure it sits above the ears.
6. Secure with a hair tie.
7. Use black ribbon to cover the hair tie.
8. Loosen the front by pulling the hair gently.

Source {bellasugar, elle}

March 18, 2014

Inside Chanel's Showroom

If you didn't get enough out of the Chanel's sporty Haute Couture show 2015, then you will appreciate these photos taken inside the showroom. Stare dreamily upon the tulle laced sneakers and metallic laced kneepads and of course relish in the exquisite workmanship of each piece {some pieces took up to 800 hours to complete}.

Source {racked}
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