July 31, 2013

Beauty Secrets of Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is blessed with gorgeous skin. She started her own organic skin care line Kora Organics because she was looking for a way to minimize exposure to chemicals in skin care. Her lab in Australia is filled with rose quartz (love and positive) and her products have the words "love", "joy" or "peace" written on them. 

Her grandma which played a big role in her life started her fascination with noni juice, which is from the Tahitian fruit called Morinda citrifolia that has over 170 vitamins and minerals. She drinks the juice for energy and now uses it as a key ingredient in her line. Being healthy is her way of life and she keeps a healthy house with alkaline water filters to purify and alkaline what she drinks and washes with. All the plants in her house are oxygen producing and air purifying plants.

Her skincare routine consists of using products from her line and pure rosehip oil which she used through her pregnancy. {I swear by this oil - it really does transform your skin.} For her hair she uses coconut oil (ditto for me) as a treatment and apple cider vinegar for shininess. She doesn't usually wear perfume, just sandalwood and essential oils which are in her products and she also uses Avalon Organics deodorant which do not contain any parabens, aluminum or synthetic fragrances.

So there you have it - she is truly a rolemodel. What you put into your body definitely reflects on the outside.

Source {intothegloss}

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