October 22, 2013

The Olsens for Net-a-Porter

Net-a-porters weekly magazine the edit features icon twins Mary and Ashley Olsen.  The feature talks about how much they have achieved in their lives, how they have become business women and style setters yet they have not even turned 30 yet. With their label The Row (their name comes from London's famous tailoring street, Savile Row) created in 2006. Their obsession with great fabric and fit was their inspiration for the brand.
“We saw a space in the market,” says Ashley. “We knew there wasn’t another brand offering basics in a luxurious and contemporary way. If I wear certain designer brands, or too much of something, I look crazy, and I need something to break it up. If you are wearing a Chanel jacket and you need an anonymous piece that will show just how special that jacket is, I hope that is what The Row gives you.”

Two basic Row favorites + shop the Row here.

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