January 23, 2014

Couture Trainer Shoes {Chanel}

Who doesn't love a good sneaker/trainer? Well Karl has done it, this time in a couture look. But for the discerning buyer that can afford couture , this piece can only be purchase as part of each couture look. I can only imagine the price tag.
Quoted from a Chanel spokesperson "They are only available as part of the Haute Couture look. However, we always have similar versions in our commercial and ready-to-wear collections".
The Chanel trainers came in blush-pink tweed, silver metallic thread, or pale lemon mesh. In deference to the traditions of couture, the laces were transparent chiffon, but the soles - thick and spongey with the scrolled, supple contours made iconic by the original Air Max – placed them firmly in the tradition of sportswear and streetwear. At Chanel, where a flat shoe has traditionally meant a ballerina pump, and all the feminine delicacy that style implies, this was a major statement.

Source {vogueuk, thegardian}

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