April 2, 2014

Kate Moss for Topshop

Supermodel and also {my} icon is back to collaborate with Topshop. She says that this collection will be a little more sophisticated and her inspiration is vintage pieces from her own wardrobe  and standout pieces from past collections. The video below shows Kate in the studio talking about the collection.

To get you more excited here she is on the Front Cover of Mays Harper's Bazaar US edition rocking pieces from her collection. Actually she stars on the three covers wearing pieces including a black jacket featured on the cover $240, the silver sequin dress $500 and the jumpsuit $150.   You can sign up for  these 3 items on shopbazaar starting April 15.

The Kate Moss for Topshop will launch April 30th. 

Source {topshop, harpersbazaar}

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